Chocolate Brownie




Savour the rich indulgence of our Chocolate Brownie for only £6.95, where every bite offers a blissful mix of deep chocolate flavour and a moist, fudgy texture. This classic dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream, crafted to perfection to deliver ultimate satisfaction.

Chocolate Brownie Highlights:

  • Intense Chocolate: Each brownie is packed with rich, high-quality chocolate, offering a deep and luxurious taste.
  • Moist Texture: Enjoy the irresistibly moist and fudgy centre, contrasted with a slightly crisp crust.
  • Warm Serving: Experience the brownie at its best, served warm to enhance its gooey texture and chocolatey aroma.
  • Satisfying Portion: Like our other desserts, the Chocolate Brownie is generously portioned, perfect for a fulfilling treat.

Treat yourself to our sumptuous Chocolate Brownie for just £6.95 and immerse in the rich, chocolaty goodness that makes this classic dessert a perennial favourite.